The PAD team are currently recruiting a vibrant, honest community of trustees so that we can develop privacy management applications and new products that are appropriate for deployment in the real world.

Trustees are a core component of PAD. PAD relies on a sufficient number of Trustees acting honestly. This is a means of decentralizing trust. As a trustee, you share our common interest in advancing methods of socially secured data protection. 

Given their essential role, Trustees should be run by a trusted and creditable institution, which is why we are currently only accepting applications from Universities and/or registered charities.

Our PAD Trustees

The Charity is an incubator for initiatives & projects that fall within the primary interests within the preservation of craftmanship, the education of people & advancement of research into humanity & the arts.

The Centre produces impactful world-leading research in cyber security and privacy, tackling cyber security challenges in our society.

The SW7 Group is a company that focuses on problems within mathematics, cryptography, machine learning and related technical disciplines that define the next decade. 

Why Become a Trustee?


Shared Values

Support a new privacy technology and share our values in enabling a society with the tools for accountable and transparent means of sharing and accessing data.



As one of the first decentralised Trustees, benefit from a collaborative research relationship by sharing in the research outcomes.



Publicise your partnership with the PAD team to gain recognition for the important role you play in providing a service for society to safely share and access data.

The Role of the Trustee

Trustees monitor the PAD ledger for decryption requests that require their action. When they see a decryption request that is associated with them, they perform a partial decryption. Each of the trustees publish a share of the decryption key. Once the threshold number of the trustees have published the plaintext share, Alice knows that Bob now has access to her secret.


4. Trustees see a request & publish their shares

PAD Accountability


2. Alice splits the decryption key & provides shares to the trustees

3. Bob may submit a decryption request

5. Bob can construct Alice's data once trustees have responded


Data Sharer

1. Alice encrypts her data & can send the ciphertext to Bob


Data Receiver

Simple Onboarding Process:

1. Trustee & SW7 Group sign a Research Collaboration Agreement.


2. SW7 Group send a pre-imaged Raspberry Pi (RPi) with instructions to the Trustee. Code is available for the Trustee to view.


3. Trustee connects the RPi to the power and public internet.

4. Trustee generates their private keys and SW7 Group register the Trustee.


5. Trustee chooses which application to join.