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PAD was founded by a team of privacy researchers and advocates, who created PAD to help preserve privacy in our online lives. If you want to help us on this journey, join our Discord server and say hello.

Our Team

Mark Ryan

I helped design PAD and develop the underlying cryptography. I’m a professor of computer security at University of Birmingham, UK.

Chris Williamson

I’m a researcher and analyst, focusing on privacy and transparency technology, digital identity management, and payment systems. My background is in the foundations of cryptography and theoretical computer science more generally.

Jennifer Brawn

I am a member of the Research and Development team and support the various PAD workstreams. My background is in neuroscience, healthcare, and data engineering

Eric Ho

I’m a Software Engineer in the Research & Development team at PAD. Before this, I studied M.Phil. and B.Sc. at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Atanas Kozarev

With a background in mentoring people who are learning to code, higher education and meetup organising, my role is to support our privacy community

Chris Kelly

I’m a senior product manager, with a background in fintech, deep tech and startups. I lead PAD’s product management function