Cryptocurrency adoption has reached an estimated 106 million users globally. With growing numbers of people investing their money into cryptocurrencies, wallet security has never been more important.


A crypto wallet holds the seed phrase which enables you to safely send and receive crypto. If you lose your seed phrase, you lose  your crypto. Seed phrases have become the gatekeepers to our most valuable digital assets, yet the management of this information is often overlooked. Secure and transparent social recovery protocols are essential to preventing the loss of your crypto assets.


The PAD Tech team is currently working on developing a solution: PAD Password Recovery.


We're building an app where you can decentralise your crypto keys among a group of trusted friends. Access can be set-up so that if the group agrees, the crypto key can be decrypted and recovered solely by the original owner. 


Take part in our PAD Password Recovery Survey to help the PAD Team understand how you manage your crypto wallets: