Privacy-Preserving Accountable Decryption

Technologists are collectively building a new internet: a Web 3.0 that emphasizes decentralized trust and radical transparency. We share that vision. Our contribution to it is a trustlessly transparent information escrow.


We call it PAD: Privacy-Preserving Accountable Decryption

PAD is a new approach to maintaining digital privacy in the management of sensitive information. It was built as a means to share access to private information, without automatically disclosing that information.

PAD enables conditional access to information without trusted third parties or single points of failure. There is now a middle ground between sharing data or not sharing it: you can share the capability to access information.


Along with this privilege comes a cryptographically-backed transparency guarantee: you will always know whether and when the data is accessed and there is no way for any party to avoid accountability.

Our         Products


Solutions for location tracking are generally all-or-nothing: you opt not to share your location, or you let your phone track where you are and it shares this information with a nominated person. We think there’s a better way to manage this challenge with PAD Places


Digital asset ownership is entering the mainstream. This is a strong motivation to build more robust and easily understood seed phrase and private key recovery tools. We are using PAD to build a general purpose mechanism for storage and recovery of any kind of sensitive information.